Why Do They Leave? Part Two

In my last post, I talked about my friend’s concern about losing followers on social media.  She also told me that she would unfollow anyone who is not following her.  I had never heard of this rule, so I asked questions in my last post, but did not receive any responses.  Thanks a lot.  It made me wonder if this is an unspoken rule.  I presented the question to my hairstylist and she gave the same answer!  When I asked what would make her unfollow someone who IS following her, she said, “their content.” What this tells me is, you must be consistent and you must know your audience.  What are your thoughts?



Why Do They Leave?

I was having a conversation with a friend about Instagram.  Occasionally, I post things about my book as well as positive quotes on Instagram.  She told me that the number of her followers had decreased.  She was really concerned about it and said she didn’t know what to do to make them stay.  She once told me that she expects someone to follow her if she follows them.  If they don’t follow her, then she will unfollow them.

What do you guys think?  Are there certain rules when it comes to following others on social media?

What would make you unfollow someone?  Is the decision made after a period of time or is it related to content?


Positive Review

Creative writing is my first love.  It’s fun, exciting and rewarding.   However, it is also challenging, frustrating and exhausting.  This is why I’m so happy to share this story with you.  A young lady who read my book, Deadly Secrets, contacted me.  She said that she couldn’t wait to tell me what she thought about it.  She told me that there were so many twists and turns, that she actually dreamt about the characters and couldn’t wait to find out what happened next!  THIS is why I can’t quit.  Well, that and the fact that several people have demanded a sequel.  It’s a wonderful feeling to make such an impact with your writing. I really hope you will consider buying my book.  The link is on my account.  If you don’t see it, just send me a message.  Good night for now.


If I Could

Most have heard about the billionaire investor, Robert F. Smith, who vowed to pay off the student loan debt of every person in the 2019 graduating class at Morehouse college.  His only requirement is for them to pay it forward.  How awesome is that?  With all the negativity going on in today’s world, it’s great to see there are still people out there who believe in hope, kindness and giving back.  What a powerful example!  I strongly believe in random acts of kindness.  While this is something I often practice, I prefer to do it anonymously.  I wish I had the funds to do something on a larger scale, like this investor.  If my book, Deadly Secrets, go viral with tons of sales, I will make it happen!  Readers, help me out!


True Story

I was at the grocery store and I saw a guy who recently purchased my book (he works there).  Anyway, I asked if he was enjoying the book.  His eyes lit up and he said, “Yes.  You are really good.”  As we discussed the book, we were laughing about some of the scenes.  He asked to buy another book for one of the cashiers, so I took the money and asked him to watch my basket while I run out to my car for the book.  When I returned, he was gone and so was my cart! I stood there dumbfounded when a woman walked up to me.  She said,  “That was my husband you were flirting with.  If you’re looking for your basket, it’s over there” and walked away.  Needless to say, I was shocked because I was just talking about my book.  I walked 3 aisles over to where she had pushed my cart and finished shopping.  I saw her husband before I left and gave the book to him.  As I left the store, I was thinking about the wife’s outrageous behavior.  My annoyance turned to pity for this woman.  Can you imagine being so insecure that you would behave in such a manner?  While I have no information about their marriage,  I know that I wouldn’t be happy with someone I couldn’t trust.  It’s also safe to say I plan to avoid that guy the next time I’m in the store.  What are your thoughts?




In My Feelings

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always bubbly and optimistic.  Today, I can honestly say that I feel neither.  I started thinking about my desire to be a successful writer.  I’ve put in a lot of time and effort with little results.  Maybe, writing is not my calling.

If not writing, then what?  I have no idea.

Can anyone relate?  If so, let me know.

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